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About Us

Cultured Nest is the premier source for timeless African American art envisioned by Black artists. At Cultured Nest, artwork is curated with a passion for presenting the richness and authentic representation of Black culture.  Our art pieces are conceptualized by exceptional and talented Black creatives, who infuse each piece with their unique perspective on the world, providing refined art that will endure.

  • Embrace Cultural Expression

    Recognizing the need for affordable art that authentically depicts Black culture led to the establishment of Cultured Nest as a platform that celebrates Black life and stories through new media art. The Founder of Cultured Nest, is a former fashion product developer with a background in computer science. She brings her knowledge of color and composition to each piece of artwork and curates the original works on the website.

"We believe that representation in art is crucial, and our mission is to inspire and transform homes through the power of meaningful art"

  • Unveiling the essence of black art

    We believe in the power of representation and aim to inspire individuals to create homes that authentically reflect their identity through relevant art. CulturedNest.com offers a curated collection to transform your living space.

New Art with Soul


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